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Be Kind
Happy St. Patrick’s Day
Songs of Love
Life is a Battlefield
Don’t judge
Spread the Word to End the Word
To The Mom Whose Child is Undiagnosed

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”



Happy St. Patrick’s Day from our family to yours!  This has always been one of our favorite holidays because of my grandfather.  He was proud of his Irish heritage and loved celebrating the day which rubbed off on us. March is also Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month where everyone is encouraged to wear green.  To learn more, click here.                                             


Songs of Love is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing personalized uplifting songs, free of charge, for children and teens currently facing tough medical, physical or emotional challenges. This is Campbell with her personalized song that she has enjoyed over the years. Visit their website at to find out how you can get your child a personalized song or donate to an awesome charity.

Life is a Battlefield

I’ve always been a huge lover of words. Not surprising coming from someone who loves to write, I keep quotes and song lyrics in numerous journals I’ve collected over the years.
Not a day goes by where I don’t read or hear words that strike me as relatable to something going on in my life. Many times I see or hear words at the right time and it will help me see things in a new perspective.
Just the other night, I was feeling down and discouraged. We had a lot going on at home, including Campbell having a few seizures that are typically controlled by medicine.
This may be a surprise to some people who know me because I’ve learned to put on a good face, to smile and say I’m fine when really it’s the furthest thing from the truth.

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“Judging a person does not define who they are.  It defines who you are.”



Today is Spread the Word to End the Word which is an effort to raise consciousness about the hurtful effects of using the word retard(ed). To learn more about the movement visit where you can take the pledge to help build communities of inclusion and acceptance for all people.  Our family has participated in this movement since it’s inception in 2009.  While some critics of the campaign argue that it promotes censorship, the campaign’s main purpose is to raise awareness that the word retard(ed) is offensive so that people will think before they speak.  Words have power as shown in this video (this has strong language that may not be suitable around children but needs to be heard by adults).  It’s not censorship, it’s civility.

To The Mom Whose Child is Undiagnosed


I noticed you right away as I walked into the waiting room at the geneticist office. You were the mom with the binder stuffed full of medical information pulled from the Internet, just like I was ten years ago.
I could hear you talking excitedly to your husband who was holding your son in his arms. You were optimistic that you’d finally discovered some information that might lead to an answer to your son’s problems.
I listened as you used language that would make a bystander think you had a medical degree, but I knew the truth. You were self-taught by the indomitable will and determination of a mom searching for answers.
I watched as you gathered your belongings when the nurse called your son’s name and we made eye contact briefly. We smiled at one another but I caught the questioning look in your eye. I knew you wanted to ask about our story.

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