Where Have We Been??

My mom asked me the other day, “Are you still doing your blog.”
I paused because I wasn’t sure how to answer. I haven’t posted here in months, even though I have updated the blog social media accounts sporadically. If you don’t already follow those, you can find us on Facebook and Instagram.

At first, it was a little bit of writer’s block caused by chronic overthinking. Another reason was simply the chaotic schedule of a mom with a teenage boy and a tween girl with complex medical needs. The other roadblocks weren’t so expected.
I’ve found that writing about our life, and expressing feelings and opinions, can be somewhat invasive. However, I still feel compelled to continue because I hope something I share will help someone in need.
I have always been an open book in terms of my feelings. My uncle Donald once joked that you “never have to worry about knowing what Michelle is thinking or feeling.” I was a teenager at the time, and his casual comment stood out because I had never really noticed it. I was only being me.
I find as I grow older and life has happened, and a lot of life has happened to me, that some subjects are hard to talk about. Often, the things that are hardest to talk about are the ones we learn most from.
I’ve always hoped this blog would not only allow me to help others, but that I may learn from my readers as well. After all, life is full of lessons from every day events and people, sometimes the most significant coming from strangers.
I have already made connections with parents from around the world, including a few mothers of children that are undiagnosed. Some of our discussions have lead to possible diagnoses for Campbell.
Which leads me to a quick update of our summer. Campbell had Whole Exome Sequencing genetic testing at the beginning of the summer with results anticipated in October. Medically, she has done well as compared to the last few summers.  Although, she has had many appointments at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.
She had minor surgery in June with bilateral ear tubes and her annual scope for her trach. I’m very proud to report that both went well and her surgeon bragged there had been no change in her trachea or lungs. He said this was due to the care she receives.
I point this out not to brag, because I’m quite hard on myself like many mothers. I often catch myself saying, several times a week, “I should’ve done this” or “I could have done more.” It’s nice to hear compliments from medical professionals.  So if you work with families of children with special and/or complex needs, occasionally point out the things they are doing right.  It makes a difference.
My sister and her family from Arizona were in for a month this summer.  It was an amazing time for us all. We don’t get to see them often, so it was nice to spend an extended period of time together. We have booked tickets to finally make the trip out there at Thanksgiving.  I am sure I will document that experience.  I’m in the process of already trying to plan out all the things which need to be done to travel with Campbell.
Other than that, both kids started school.  Matthew is a junior and Campbell is in fifth grade. I have a few projects that I am working on and hope to post here on a more regular basis.
I want to thank everyone for continuing to support the blog and our family. We appreciate all of the love and support sent our way. If you have any questions or comments, including possible topics for me to discuss, please contact me at michelle@chasingthecleavers.com.



Campbell enjoyed summer with her brother and cousins

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Michelle is a writer based in Richmond, KY who is trying to navigate special needs parenthood and life in an imperfect world, all while keeping her sanity. She is on the board of the Bohring-Opitz Syndrome Foundation and is a contributor to The Mighty and The Today Show Parenting Team. She’d love to hear from you! Send her an email at michelle@chasingthecleavers.com.


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